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May the peace and blessings of the heavenly administrators be with you all. I refer to myself as Djeyyel, which is a name I assembled together and took from the ancient Middle Egyptian alphabet system (known as Medu-Neteru) for my real initials of my surname (J-L), and is pronounced like Jay-yale. It is a combination of three words (1. dje = ascend, master + 2. yy or iy = crossing, cross to or come to + 3. el = might, power, force), thus, Djeyyel in the ancient Middle Egyptian tongue would mean "ascension to a higher force or power."

The shadowy figure in the picture on the left, happens to be the creator of this website, in the hope I can obscure my auric signatures from any more preventative forces of 'Opop the Cosmic Serpent Fiend (who is the chief rival opposition to the so-called Egyptian Sun-God Re), since 1984 to this present time! By whatever means possible, the dark agents of 'Opop (or 'Apep) has been trying their utmost insidiosity to undermine my livelihood, as well as my endeavours to spread a bit of my share of enlightenment! So, here I am now being released by the Supreme hands of the universal order of all things known and unknown. . .

As you can see in the photo above there are some strange distorted characters above my head and in front of me, I would have most likely provoked some sort of curiosity and questions to visitors of this website, that I am probably into symbolism... Yes, you are not far from wrong, as I have been into the writings of ancient Egyptian texts as a hobby on and off for over 20 years. The most readable figures of "23" and "J" that you see in the photo are the codea I use to gain access into my astral computer room, of where I store all my information on ancient Egypt, if you can find my secret realm, then you are lucky! The second luck you would need, is to actually open the portal and gain entry into my sacred temples, because my portal leading to it is spiritually programmed to read my karmic and astral signatures and nobody elses. All clicking on to my access code of "23J" on this part of cyberspace will do for you, is navigate you back to where you started... At the top of this home page and my photo signature marked "23J"; no where else, as it will send me to any time and place I wish to go! If you would like to come in to see what I have done for this web site since 2002 A.D., just take a peep by clicking my "23J" photo to find out more... Good luck with your attempts to break into my sacred astral temples!

From time to time I will be updating this website and covering a variety of topics regarding the ancient ones of Egypt with reference to information on several different papyrus versions on the Book of the Dead, the pharoahs and queens of each dynasty, my own interpretations and translations of the hieroglyphics, and so on, just enough to fill the Libraries of the World! Enjoy...

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