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In the knowledge that today's scientists are still baffled by the construction of the pyramids, the ancient peoples of Tamary (a term used for Ancient Egypt throughout this website) had the most advanced mathematical system in world, as proven by their pyramidical culture, which has even been imitated in various forms throughout the modern artistic and creative world, as well as they had the most advanced spiritual system in the history of hu-mankind. In the Tamary language the word "Amen" has survived and permeated into Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The cult temples for the Amen worshippers were originally based in Heliopolis (meaning "Sun City" in Greek), of where the first known obelisk was built and erected in the 12th dynasty period during the reign of Senoziyrt (Senusret).

The photo on the left is a picture from the Theban papyrus scrolls of Hunefer, known as "Coming Forth by Day" of seven baboons worshipping the solar power as symbolised as a sun with a serpent coiled around it on top of the falcon (representing Horu meaning "the Lord of all Lords") which is usually called Horus and is a very misunderstood symbol, which shall be made clearer later on.

In those days of worship for millenniums, the Tamaryan peoples trusted their instincts (inborn gift of genius) above all their other faculties. The inner self of the hu-man being is a powerful utility, a true gift from a benevolent Creator. But the world today has relied heavily on being a technological society, in such wise that our relationship with the inner world (the inner self) is not so strong as back then.

In time after the worship of the oneness of Amen, the corruption of the powerful brotherhood of priests created what was known as the "Triads," which was the equivalent of what we call the freemasonry orders. The pharoah and his chosen spiritual magicians together would supervise the powerful priesthood orders on the creation of the Triads, so as to keep the consistency of the Amen religious practices involving the "Trinity" doctrines spread throughout the Tamaryan regions. For example, there were several groups of triple deities known as the father, mother and son (like the Christian trinity formula) existing at the majority of Amen temples; in the temples of Thebes, Amen (the father), Mut (mother), and Khonsu (son) the so-called moon god were worshipped as the trinity; in the temples of Memphis the trinity of Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertum were invoked upon; at the temples of Edfu the trinity of Horus, Hathor and Har were invoked, in the same town, shrine worshippers also invoked upon the names of Osirus, Isis, and Horus which was in fact, the most commonly worshipped of the Triad's various trinity formulas, of which other cult shrines for this Osirian trinity were also found in Abydos and Philae; and at temples in Elephantine the trinity worshippers invoked upon Khnum, Anukis, and Satis (their daughter).

The oldest Tamaryan religious cult temples were based in Heliopolis, Memphis, and Hermopolis. The Heliopolitan spiritual beliefs were the most important and highly accepted doctrine in the Tamary regions, of which the creator was Atum-Re' the head of the Ennead Group (of nine divine beings), of which according to Heliopolitan texts included his son Shu (Neter of air) and his daughter Tefnut (Netert of moisture); their children Geb (Neter of earth) and Nut (Netert of heaven), and from their union gave birth to the non-cosmic quartet of Oziyr (Osiris), Esta (Isis), Set (Seth) and Neb-heta (Nephtys). According to texts at Memphis, the head of this Ennead was the Neter Ptah, who brought along with him Nunet and fathered her son Atum-Re. Ptah once ruled Tamary for 9,000 years before the first ever original Dynasty "O" (the O stands for Omega - the last Dynasty of the Polarity Guardians on Earth) took place with king Scorpion.

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