The Names of Re

To help the beginner of Egyptology understand the words and names in Medu-Neteru (the tongue of Tamaryan folks), the name "Re" was basically, a title of the leading light-bearer, for who ever in the Neteru (plural for neter) Command took the mantle of responsibility over hu-mans, as many scholars erred in that it was the name of the neter who headed the 12 member Neteru Command in the Pantheon. There were numerous other titles bestowed unto the neter Re, such as Lord of Heaven, Father of the Gods, Lord of Rays, Lord of All Lords, the Unlimited Resourceful King, the Life, Strength and Health of all hu-mans, Great Cat of Heliopolis, Lord of Right and Truth, the list can go on and on, hence, the Lord of Many Names; Re Neter-'a-neb-pet meaning "Re the Great Lord of Heaven," Re-Atum (or Atum Re), Re-Amen (or Amen Re), Re Horu-Akhety (better known as Ra-Harmachis in Egyptology circles), Re Khepre (Re-Khepri).

Some educational sources today err, in rendering the name of Re-Hor-Akhet as to mean "who is Horus of the Horizon," when it literally means "Divine Light or Sun Lord of the Horizon." The so-called Sun God's name was strongly referred to the heavenly realm of the sun by the Tamaryans as a physical manifestation of God's oneness and as their only source of daily provision available for all hu-mankind.

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