Pharaohs and Queens

Re Moses

The pharaohs and the queens of the early Tamaryan Dynastic eras were usually gifted with divine powers and were normally regarded as the representation of solar force. In the picture on the left is the statue of Re' Moses posing with his royal sceptre in his right hand. Most adept pharoahs and queens wore the serpent symbol on their headdresses to symbolise their mastery and ability to provide the answers concerning the mysteries of the universe to the populace of Tamary.

In Tamary, the pharaoh was the symbol of the supreme temple to his contemporaries, since the word "pharaoh" comes from Medu-Neteru (per'a) meaning "great temple" and the purpose of the pharaoh was to act as embassador to all divinities and be the emissary to all the peoples of Tamary, of whom he would act as the protectorate.

The pharaoh was the spiritual building and architect of Tamary, so to speak, as most pharaohs built temples and statues to commemorate their Gods and Goddesses. Today, what remains of those ancient buildings and relics, nevertheless, leave tourists, scholars as well as it left scientists awesomely flabbergasted and totally speechless.

Pharaoh Khef-Re

This picture is of the Pharoah Khef-Re' (Khepre) having a falcon seated behind his head symbolised "the power behind the ruling force" or "the sun force over all the universe and the life-forms within." The falcon according to Tamaryans as they were astute observers of nature viewed the falcon as king of the bird kingdom, with its ability to fly closest to the sun. The symbol for Re Horu-Akhety (Sun Lord of the two horizons) better known as Horus was the falcon, thus, became the eye and guide of the pharaohs in seeking fertile lands and life in the deserts of Greater Tamary. The falcon seated behind the pharaoh's head was also known as "the sun behind the sun" symbolising the power of the mind with its amazing capabilities, if rightly tuned and disciplined, to rise above the difficult and objective world to overcome the strife for existence; in achieving the higher planes of understanding, constant happiness, peace and the ability to gain unlimited power over the elements and the forces of nature.


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